Lettering Art

The essence of my lettering art is the visual interpretation of words. My letters may be calligraphic or invented, made with a quill or an Apple pencil and inscribed on paper, canvas or metal. Creating depth and form hold a particular fascination for me. Using paper to make physical structures and utilising the light reflecting qualities of gold leaf and etched brass evoke the ambiguities, nuances and hidden depths of language.

The process is a type of performance, a way of providing words with an impactful voice, quiet, loud or lyrical, as the text dictates. I connect with the meaning of the words, seeking to promote a similar dialogue between the viewer and the work itself. I invite engagement, interpretation and sometimes contemplation.

Many of the pieces in the galleries are for sale, so do get in touch via the contact page if you are interested in purchasing an artwork.


My interest in metal as a medium for my art emerged during my residency at V&A museum. The ironwork galleries and etched armour are particular lasting inspirations. I hand etch and patinate all my designs. My lettering sculpture designs are created in collaboration with a skilled artist blacksmith.

Commissions are invited for bespoke garden or indoor ironwork lettering sculptures, with text of your choice incorporated within the design.

Digital artwork and prints

I enjoy producing greetings card designs and lettering patterns for print. I use my iPad and Apple pencil for this.The colourful collages were created from close up photographs of my letters within my artwork, old and new.  Each letter, capital and lowercase, was posted weekly for a year on Instagram: @letters_on_pages as a charity fund raiser. #52letters52weekschallenge  Limited edition archival giclee mounted prints are still on sale.  To see larger images and the whole alphabet, check out my instagram posts.  My digital designs for frame or card are printed to order.

To discuss this please use my contact page.

Paper & Canvas

I love using colour as a means of expression. Making textures, patterns and layers with words feature too. These works are on paper, canvas or vellum.