Unleash the potential at your fingertips! It is never too late (or early) to transform your handwriting. It is my mission to help both adults and children achieve this.

Lettering Art

From quill, vellum and gold leaf to acrylics and etched metal, I enjoy using a range of tools and materials to explore the visual expression of language in my art work.

She’s kind, she makes it fun, she’s enthusiastic. My writing looked ugly but now it looks very nice and I have learnt gothic calligraphy.
Spike, 11 years

About Me

Hand lettering has been a lifelong passion of mine which has led to a rich and varied career immersed in drawn, painted, inscribed, incised, gilded and etched letters.  If I’m not teaching handwriting skills or calligraphy, I am to be found in my studio creating lettering art … read more