Writing by hand is a skill with relevance and value, even in our digital age where many of our written communications have been superseded by the keyboard and texting. It has been found to help retain facts and the thinking process. It remains a vital skill in our schools, aiding educational attainment. Handwriting communicates, it conveys feelings, can instil pride and become a precious thing to treasure. And it can be a relaxing antidote to the computer screen and be a mindful or creative activity.

For some adults and children however, handwriting is plain frustrating and not a bit rewarding. It can hinder educational progress, limit career opportunities and cause embarrassment.

But I promise you that this can change!  With over 30 years experience helping adults and children, my tried and trusted methods enable handwriting to become an enjoyable experience and a life long, life enhancing skill.

Adult Teaching

Achieve handwriting to be proud of through my 1:1 sessions or group courses, undertaken in person or via Zoom.

Children’s Tuition

Tailor made tuition to help children gain handwriting happiness is offered on an individual basis in my studio or via Zoom.