Handwriting Tuition for children

Handwriting Happiness for Young People
5-16 Years

For over two decades I have helped children improve their handwriting skills. I receive referrals from educational psychologists, occupational therapists, teachers and parents. I support those diagnosed with dysgraphia and dyspraxia and handwriting issues that impede educational attainment. 

It may be that a young person is unable to form or join letters correctly, needs help with presentation and readability, has to speed up for exams, or has a restricting and uncomfortable grip. Or perhaps it’s a combination of these common issues. Whatever the child’s needs, I use my wealth of experience to help them achieve their goals and gain lasting confidence.

The process: 

  • Following a short assessment, I provide verbal feedback and recommendations.
  • I focus, in an holistic way, on the different aspects of handwriting that may need support, from ergonomics to poor self esteem.
  • An individualised programme is created for each child with simple achievable goals.
  • Continuing support may take the form of a block of weekly or fortnightly sessions, or stand alone lessons, as appropriate.  
  • Parental participation in lessons is encouraged. I liaise with schools and other specialists on request.   

My methods:

  • Lessons are engaging, age appropriate and child specific. 
  • I vary the writing activities, using games, exercises and activities that I devise and adapt to encourage a positive and empowering approach to writing practice.
  • I do not use generic handouts, but base the practice on the style taught at the child’s school. This enables the child to build directly on their strengths without having to start anew. It also facilitates school reinforcement.

If you’d like to learn more or to discuss how I can assist your son or daughter, please get in touch via my contact page.

“Cherrell has given my son confidence. After years of struggling to write, he is proud of his work, passionate about his art and carries a pencil case and sketch pad with him at all times. Where School resigned him to a life of keyboards, Cherrell saw an ability and gave him a purpose. I wish we had been introduced to Cherrell years ago!” Nicola, Scotland

“Jack has found his Zoom lessons with Cherrell very useful indeed. The wonderful patience that Cherrell has, has helped give him confidence and knowledge in how to improve his handwriting and overall presentation of his work.” Nicole